Counseling in Placentia and Yorba Linda

Marriage Counseling

Have you been pushed to your limit in your relationship? Do you feel beaten down by these struggles . When relationship problems endure, you might feel like giving up or just have a hard time seeing an optimistic future. You are not alone. Every relationship runs into difficult times. Learn how to gain control of your problems and find new ways to deal with old issues.

Marriage Counseling

Mood Disorders

Are your emotions out-of-control and hard to handle? Do you try and explain this to others and their lack of understanding only makes it worse? To gain relief from the pain of a mood disorder, there are a few critical things you must know. Whether fears limit your life, you've been through a major loss, or you don't even know where these feelings are coming from, read more to end this needless suffering.

Anxiety and Worry
Depression Treatment

Trauma Therapy

If you have been abused or traumatized, first and foremost, I'm so sorry you are going through this. Because abuse and trauma can be so horrific, you may be reluctant to talk about the pain and misery. You may have gone years never having told a soul, not even your parents. We understand and it is OK. Sharing what happened can often feel shameful and awkward. It is not your fault. You may even be seeking help for something entirely different than the trauma. You might be wondering why your relationships continue to fail. You might have a hard time shedding feelings of sadness, worry or feeling of being overwhelmed by life.

Trauma Therapy

Addiction Treatment

Addictions are another thing people do not like to talk about. Often times, it takes a loved one to point out the problem before someone is willing to get help. Struggling with addiction can turn your life upside down. Seeking help as early as you can helps simplify the recovery process.

Addiction Treatment

Child Therapy

Children's behaviors can make you worry or feel exasperated. They rebel, they experiment with harmful drugs, they throw tantrums, and do things we sometimes just don't understand. At school, they may have trouble getting along with others, they might get bullied and their grades can drop. There are so many concerns as a parent. Sometimes parents need help navigating the system when their child is diagnosed with with ADHD or some other problem. We have child specialists who are specially trained to help you through these tough situations.

Child Therapy

About Our Counselors

How Therapy Can Help

A New Way to See Your Life!

Therapy can help you see life from a totally different perspective. When you have trouble finding your way out of life's problems, it is far too easy to get tunnel vision. We get stuck with the same old arguments. We handle our anger the same old way and can feel very anxious or depressed. We continue to procrastinate and then we wonder why our lives continue to be so difficult.

With a good counselor, you begin seeing things in ways you never thought of before. Insights like these lead to life changes. Typically, every person has one or more major realizations they get during the counseling process. This can feel like a revelation and your life can take on a whole new meaning or give you an entirely new way to deal with your most difficult problems.

A Place to Safely Express Your Deepest Wounds

Quality therapists must have the ability to make you feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes you might have to disclose something that you feel very embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. Even if you know that you are protected by laws of confidentiality, you may still feel reluctant to share. You might be feeling ashamed about something that happened to you or something you did to someone else. You might have tried to share this with someone you love, but were not met with the support you had hoped for. When you get professional help and you finally feel understood, you feel an overwhelming sense of relief. You may cry, you may smile and feel a big burden lifted off your chest. This feeling is amazing!

Prevent Your Problems from Getting Worse

If not properly treated, some conditions will get worse through time. Depression and hopeless feelings can turn into suicidal feelings. Victims of abuse can become more prone to depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders. General anxiety can turn into panic attacks. As your symptoms worsen, it can make it difficult to perform well at work or at homes. Getting quality therapy can help you prevent any condition from getting worse.

Finally Healing Those Painful Emotions

Painful emotions are exhausting. They have a way of rearing it's ugly head by memories, experiences and bad relationships. Sometimes, it is hard to understand where they are coming from at all. A good therapist will not only help you feel comfortable expressing your pain, but will also help you find that wonderful and peaceful sense of healing. You know that emotional wounds can linger inside you. It is almost like they get stored within your body and get activated when you least want them to. What would your life be like to finally be able to move past those old hurts? What would it be like to genuinely forgive and experience the peace of mind you desire? How awesome would it be to get relief from all that stress and depression. Top therapists help their clients move to this place of peace on a regular basis.

Our Counselors

How Bad Therapy Can Hurt You

Therapist Who Talk too Much and Listen too Little

I heard of a session where the client came to seek help. The therapists asked a few questions and the first session just went OK. However, at the second session, the counselor lectured the client the entire session. The client said she felt bored and had the feeling of wanting to leave the room. What a waste of time! Good therapists will never, ever speak for the entire session. Your sessions needs to be a collaborative process. You interact back and forth and the session are all about you. Good therapists ask you questions that lead to new insights and healing. The more you learn to gain insight yourself, the better problem solver and the more likely you will be able to find insights on your own when you decide to stop coming for therapy.

When You Feel Judged By Your Therapist

Another nightmare we hear about is when a person seeks help hoping to get relief from their pain and then feels judged. A woman seeks counseling and she opens up to the counselor and begins to cry. She looks up only to find that the therapist has a strange look on her face. The therapist says "I don't know why that is so painful for you". What a horrible thing to say to someone who is hurting. She already felt judged by society, now she is being judged by an insensitive therapist. There are times when psychotherapist need to say something with brutal honesty, but the relationship should be at a place where it is appropriate and the therapist should have a keen sense of how the client will take it.

When they Ask You "How does that make you feel?" Way Too Often

Some therapists overly ask this question and you might get the impression that they don't know what they are doing. Of course emotions are important and they are critical for emotional healing to take place. However, this is a balance between how much emotion vs how much reason you use during the session. Emotions are indicators inside us that tells us something is wrong.

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