Helping Orange County Families Heal Since 2009!

Eric Dabrowski, LCSW 48802

About Me

I am dedicated to helping people live more resilient and purposeful lives and overcoming trauma. Life is hard. I am a Vietnam War veteran and a survivor of stage 4 cancer. I consider myself a wounded healer.

I specialize in working with men of all ages. I have 38 years of experience as seasoned licensed therapist. I have engaged in learning from the best teachers in the field of psychology. I was introduced to the healing arts while studying at the Boston Art Institute. At 19 my school get interrupted by the draft. I joined the Navy. As a Vietnam War veteran, I have experienced combat both on land and at sea.

I am experienced working with victims of trauma and not only worked with veterans, but I also volunteered to travel to other countries working with Doctors without Boarders. After Vietnam, I returned to school and decided to dedicate my life to helping others as a counselor.

As a seasoned therapist licensed since 1982, I have extensive experience working with individuals, families, couples and men’s work. I use EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, Life Coaching, EFT, Non Violent Communication, Hypnotherapy and Generative Trance,Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology,