Child and Family Therapy

Each year, it seems to get harder and harder to raise healthy functioning children. I can't remember a more difficult time to be a parent. Social media has unprecedented influence on our children's daily thoughts and values. Cell phone technology has made it easier than ever for our kids to watch material we deem as inappropriate. It just seems impossible to keep up with it all! Furthermore, there has been a dramatic rise of anxiety and depression amidst our youth who are trying to carve out their identity (personal, sexual or gender).

Children Ages 4 thru 12

Young children are at the age where they can be diagnosed with things like ADD, ADHD, autism or a learning disorder. The important developmental milestones are learning to initiate play and conversations at school and develop a sense of confidence while minimizing feelings of guilt or thinking that "I'm bad".

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The Difficult Transition to the Teen Years (Ages 13- 19 years old)

A major shift happens when your children become teenagers. They have entered puberty and their minds and body change drastically. Teens become interested in dating and sex, learn how to drive and at this point in their lives, they are at a greater risk for anxiety and depression. ^

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Parenting little children is exhausting since they require constant attention. In order for you to help them meet their developmental milestones of taking initiative and confidence, parents need to learn how to encourage their children without too much pressure. Do you want your child to be a great athlete, a top student, the best singer. Well that's natural. So, in your encouragement, you want to check in with yourself to see how much pressure you are applying to your child and understand how they are starting to feel about themselves.

Teenagers go through a major change. The desire independence, need less of your time, but can create more headaches for you. The rapid change in your child as they hit puberty, is almost shocking. They go from being a cute little kid who always wanted your time, to an annoyed teenager, who is embarrassed to be around you. Some parents can go through feelings of sadness and loss.

How I Can Help

As a parent myself, coupled with 21 years of clinical experience, I have worked through just about every issue under the sun that a child can go through. I have become skilled at all aspects of parenting through all developmental stages. I can help you:

  • Understand and determine the meaning behind your child or adolescent’s emotions and behavior
  • Help you find ways to respond and handle child and adolescent behavior and emotions.
  • Avoid common mistakes many parents make when raising children
  • Help you determine realistic expectations for parenting
  • Support you in coping with the upheaval that often accompanies puberty
  • Assist you in exploring how our own childhood issues and experiences impact our parenting
  • Improve your relationship with your child or adolescent
  • Restore peace inside your household

Stepping Alongside Your Child

In my individual work with children and adolescents, I truly enjoy the energy, perspectives, willingness to try new things, curiosity and creativity that children have. I find that one of the first priorities in working with children and adolescents is building a supportive, engaging and trusting relationship. A flexible and fun approach maintains engagement and increases learning. Once this is accomplished I use a variety of therapy techniques, depending on need and information from parents, to develop goals to address issues such as emotional awareness and regulation, interpersonal relationship skills, self-care skills, problem solving skills and behavior management skills. I am able to support self-awareness and self-esteem, teach coping skills, address any school challenges and address any history of trauma or self-harm.

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