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Child and Family Therapy

As a parent myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that today’s families face. There is so much information available and immense pressure related to parenting and raising our children. As parents we struggle with the impact of activity filled days, to social media influence to exhaustion managing it all.

I am very understanding of both the absolute joy, as well as the daily challenges of trying to raise healthy, resilient, socially agile, persistent, helpful and content children. When a child or adolescent is dealing with anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, social challenges, self-harm or disrespectful behavior it can be especially difficult to know what to do or how to get help. An outside perspective and support can make all the difference for both children and parents.

Being a parent has helped me become a better therapist and support person for families who are struggling. I have extensive experience and training in parenting skills, as well as child and adolescent development. I can help you navigate all aspects of parenting through all developmental stages. We often have a vision of what being a parent will be like before starting a family. The reality can be far different and the decisions on how to approach a variety of family challenges may not be obvious. With the understanding that each family and child is unique I can help you:

  • Understand and determine the meaning behind your child or adolescent’s emotions and behavior
  • Help you find ways to respond and handle child and adolescent behavior and emotions.
  • Help you improve family communication
  • Help you determine realistic expectations for parenting
  • Support you in coping with the upheaval that often accompanies puberty
  • Assist you in exploring how our own childhood issues and experiences impact our parenting
  • Improve your relationship with your child or adolescent
  • Restore peace inside your household

Stepping Alongside Your Child

In my individual work with children and adolescents, I truly enjoy the energy, perspectives, willingness to try new things, curiosity and creativity that children have. I find that one of the first priorities in working with children and adolescents is building a supportive, engaging and trusting relationship. A flexible and fun approach maintains engagement and increases learning. Once this is accomplished I use a variety of therapy techniques, depending on need and information from parents, to develop goals to address issues such as emotional awareness and regulation, interpersonal relationship skills, self-care skills, problem solving skills and behavior management skills. I am able to support self-awareness and self-esteem, teach coping skills, address any school challenges and address any history of trauma or self-harm.

Balancing Parental Guidance with a Teens Need for Independence

In my professional history of working with families, I have a particular interest in and passion for working with adolescents. Adolescence is a stage of life filled with tremendous growth and development. It is a time of challenge and change for all family members. Adolescents are often on the search for independence and can be resistant to parental support and intervention. What I have found is that given the opportunity to work with a considerate and understanding adult outside of the family unit, teens respond very well to therapy. Adolescents often have hidden strengths and values that they have not yet discovered. I work with adolescents to increase their self-awareness, age appropriate independence and to practice new and developing social, emotional and behavioral skills.

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