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Christian Counseling

Christian clients often ask questions such as, “If God created me because he loves me, why am I suffering so much?” or “How do I know God really has good plans for me when I feel bad all the time?” These are excellent questions, but can often be very despairing and make you feel hopeless.

Your Are Not Alone

Did you know that there are many figures in the bible who have struggled with these feelings? The bible contains many uplifting passages and truths that can help you. Furthermore, many researchers have shown that those applying religion and spirituality to their lives have better coping skills because they provide hope, optimism, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and patience.

I believe that therapy is not a one size fits all. It is very individualized and if you are seeking Christian therapist, I would love to help you.

The Best of Both Worlds

While I am trained to use empirically proven methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy, as a practicing Christian, I also incorporate spiritual teachings to complement my client’s desire for a more Christian based approach. This had come up in the past because my clients would often bring up their faith as a significant influence in their lives.

Advantages of Christian Counseling

  • Grounded biblical teachings applied to our counseling sessions
  • Confidence that you are not being given just the latest psychological fad for treatment.
  • Help you improve communication by speaking the truth in love.
  • Help you explore God's will and purpose for your life
  • Reducing anxious and depressing thoughts by the comfort of the Holy Spirit

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