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Individual Therapy for Affair Recovery

So, you've had an affair and want to save your marriage. Or maybe your just feeling confused and don't know what to do next. You might feel embarrassed, regret, or remorse and want work on saving your marriage. Or you might be thinking that your marriage is not salvageable and need to think carefully through your next steps. You are safe with me. I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going to judge you. I'm here to help. Sexual temptation is a real thing and it must be dealt with in a real way. You can't just repress it.

Why Individual Therapy

Some partners want to know every detail of the affair, while others may want to hear the bare minimum. While some details are needed to be discussed in couples counseling to move past the affair, other details will only serve to hurt your partner unnecessarily. So there are subjects that are best left for individual counseling. What are they? See below.

Getting Over Your Affair Partner

Often times, in the course of an affair, strong feelings are developed for the affair partner. Whether your affair was a one-night stand, a long-term affair, or an emotional affair, you don't want to cry and shed tears over how much you miss this other person in front of your spouse. It's just not a good idea. The process of getting over your affair partner is best left for individual therapy.

Comparing Sexual Performance and Body Type

You may be missing the body type of your affair partner who was younger and in ideal shape. So how much benefit would you and your spouse get for talking this through in couples counsleing. If you spouse really wants answers for this, you need to ask the question Will this really help us in the long run. For example, do you may want to talk about which sexual positions the other person performed better than your spouse. Also, do you talk about which sexual positions your affair partner performed better, or is it better to go back to your spouse and have an open dialog about improving your sex life with her. .

Assessing Whether or Not You Want to Stay with Your Spouse

You may think your marriage was a lost cause. You gave up hope on your marriage and told yourself "the hell with this". Then the affair happened. Now you are questioning what to do next. Should you stay married? Should you divorce? Is it even wise if you divorce to be with a person willing to have sex with a married person? These are all tough questions you need to answer and think through completely before making any major decisions.

What You Can Overcome With Quality Therapy

  • Thoroughly think through the long term consequences of divorce.
  • Trace back your steps and figure out where things went wrong
  • Learn the art of faithfulness
  • Work through complex emotions like guilt and resentment

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