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Marriage Counseling

Are You in an Endless Cycle of Arguing?

Have You Grown So Distant That You feel Like Giving Up?


Chronic arguments can make you feel unimportant. When you always feel like what you say does not matter to your partner, you can end up in the dungeon of bitterness. You both move to your neutral corners and maybe even start sleeping in different beds.

Perhaps an affair, a manipulative lie, or these chronic arguments has sparked pain and frustration.

Every Relationship Runs Into Problems

It's tougher than ever to live in harmony in your marriage. To live in Orange County, both husband and wife usually work full time jobs. When you come home exhausted, the last thing you want to do is get in a heated argument. If your partner says the wrong thing, it's just human nature to get snappy. If your spouse is also in a bad mood, all hell can break loose.

At the same time, imagine your child giving you attitude while rolling his eyes at you. How hard is it to stay calm and effectively parent when your relational needs are being flushed down the toilet? It will feel almost impossible!

Genuinely Connect with Your Partner Through Couples Counseling


The good news is that Ed Segawa, M.A.,LMFT has helped hundreds of couples overcome the most difficult marriage problems ranging from your typical marriage struggles like losing respect and feelings for one another, poor communication, all the way to gut wrenching affairs. With quality therapy you can expect to ...

  • Learn how to repair old hurts and re-establish trust
  • Learn how to protect the marriage from negative outside influences
  • Communicate in a way that resolves conflicts rather than having them lead to bitter arguments
  • Be motivated to do things for your spouse through genuine love rather than by obligation
  • Gain confidence as you build a history of working together calmly through difficult disagreements

Heralded as The Couples Therapy with The Highest Rate of Success by Time Magazine and the New York Times

The skills and techniques you and your partner will work on during sessions will be tailored to your personal experiences, allowing you both to feel understood and invested throughout the therapy process. Ed Segawa draws on new, innovative communication practices that were heralded by both the New York Times and Time magazine as the marriage counseling technique with the greatest success.

The typical success rate with this approach hovers around 70%. However, Ed has taken this approach and moved it to the next level. He has achieved an incredible success rate at over 90%.

Call Ed Today and He Will Normally Call You Back the Same Day!

If you are ready to regain the sense of understanding, love and companionship in your relationship, please contact Ed Segawa Award Winning Counselor for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. He will be happy to discuss you and your partner’s needs and answer any questions you might have about his counseling services.


frequently asked questions

It’s very common for one partner in a relationship to want to avoid attending counseling. If your partner is reluctant, you can still attend individual sessions. During these initial sessions, you can learn how to motivate your partner to get engaged in the wellbeing of your relationship. Over time, as he or she watches you create changes in yourself and the overall relationship dynamic, it’s likely your partner will start to get curious and interested in attending sessions with you.
The hidden costs of a struggling marriage or relationship can be profound. When you lack a safe and loving bond with your partner, you may spend countless hours arguing, dwelling on the past or feeling angry. These troubles can quickly seep into your work life and into your relationships with friends and other family members – causing your productivity and overall quality of life to dwindle. Attending therapy with your partner now can save you from years of pain and overwhelming obstacles in the future. By investing in our innovative sessions, you both can gain a higher quality of life and the chance to live up to your fullest potentials.
It varies. However, Ed will typically set you up for weekly appointments for about a month. As you gain more confidence at the new skills you need to learn, the you can typically cut back to once every two weeks. People will stay with marriage counseling for about three to four months. However that depends on how serious the issues are. If takes a lot longer if there are issues of violence, severe mental illnesses or an affair compared to your couple who just has difficult time resolving conflict.
Yes. You may just want to ask Ed some questions and just get a feel for whether or not you think he is a good fit for you. If you feel comfortable and think he is the best match, you can make an appointment with him. If you do not feel comfortable, there is no obligation whatsoever.