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Marriage Counseling

Are you exhausted from constant arguments with your spouse?

Have you grown apart and miss the intimacy you once had?

Do you worry about ending up like roommates or even think about divorce?


If you end up in a bitter argument every time you try working out your problems, it creates what is called "Anticipatory Anxiety". You fear discussing issues knowing that it will turn out poorly. So you either start avoiding issues or have a sense of hopelessness and dread in the middle of the argument.

You begin to wonder if this will ever get any better.

Can Our Marriage/Relationship be Fixed

Many couples come into counseling wondering "Can our relationship be fixed/healed/restored? You may be asking the exact same question. We have given hope to couples who argue constantly, who've said they were one step away from divorce, where one or both persons have been unfaithful, where there are values differences when raising their children, etc. From our experience, you have a great chance of making it work if you are both willing to put time and effort into the marriage and follow the process we have refined for over 15 years.

What Makes our Marriage Counseling Different Better than Others

We don't only focus on giving you advice for the problem you are coming in with, but we give you the necessary tools to work through your current conflict and any potential conflict you will have in the future. We've learned through the decades that when you are mad at each other, the natural way couples communicate does not work. It often leads to more conflict. So instead, we impose a new structure on how to talk that has produced remarkable results. (I think this is the best weekend we had ever", Everything I have ever wanted while I was growing up, I now have". We not only give you tools, but we also offer special insights to help you protect your relationship from potential harm. As critical as this is for a successful marriage, most couples hardly spend any time creating these guidlines together that help stabilize the relationship in the long-run. In summary, we offer both relationship tools and insights that have been formulated over the last 20 years to help you overcome conflict no and in the future, and tried and true insights that lead to conversations that protect the marriage and lead to genuine and loving connections.

Genuinely Connect with Your Partner Through Couples Counseling


The good news is that we have helped hundreds of couples overcome the most difficult marriage problems like poor communication, all the way to gut wrenching affairs. With quality therapy you can expect to ...

  • Learn how to repair old hurts and re-establish trust
  • Learn how to protect the marriage from negative outside influences
  • Communicate in a way that resolves conflicts rather than having them lead to bitter arguments
  • Be motivated to do things for your spouse through genuine love rather than by obligation
  • Gain confidence as you build a history of working together calmly through difficult disagreements

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frequently asked questions

It’s very common for one partner in a relationship to want to avoid attending counseling. If your partner is reluctant, you can still attend individual sessions. During these initial sessions, you can learn how to motivate your partner to get engaged in the wellbeing of your relationship. Over time, as he or she watches you create changes in yourself and the overall relationship dynamic, it’s likely your partner will start to get curious and interested in attending sessions with you.
The hidden costs of a struggling marriage or relationship can be profound. When you lack a safe and loving bond with your partner, you may spend countless hours arguing, dwelling on the past or feeling angry. These troubles can quickly seep into your work life and into your relationships with friends and other family members – causing your productivity and overall quality of life to dwindle. Attending therapy with your partner now can save you from years of pain and overwhelming obstacles in the future. By investing in our innovative sessions, you both can gain a higher quality of life and the chance to live up to your fullest potentials.
It varies. However, typically you come in once a week for about a month. As you gain more confidence at the new skills you need to learn, then you can typically cut back to once every two weeks. People will stay with marriage counseling for about three to four months. However that depends on how serious the issues are. If can take longer for couples who are dealing with issues of violence, severe mental illnesses or an affair.
Yes. You may just want to ask some questions and just get a feel for whether or not you think I'm a good fit for you. If you feel comfortable and think this is a good match, you can make an appointment. If you do not feel comfortable, there is no obligation whatsoever.