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Anger Management

Does Your Anger Get You Into Trouble?

Is It Hard For You To Stay Calm in Upsetting Moments?

When someone rubs you the wrong way or does something that bothers you, it ay be far too easy to just to just end up yelling and letting your anger get the best of you. outbursts of anger can get us to really big trouble leading to loss of a job or a broken relationship

Maybe you have even got into legal trouble and are tired of all the mess.

The Two Sides of Anger

Anger has two sides. The first side is that it can make you feel powerful. So if you feel threatened or rejected, you can access anger and not have to feel weak. The other side of anger is that it does not allow you to be completely honest. Anger tends to cover up the deeper emotions.

If you never express vulnerable feelings, than you are depriving yourself of the greatest possible connections, relationships and quality of life. If you are mostly angry, than accessing these life changing emotions will be next to impossible.

More than Just a Therapeutic Method

You won't just learn how to control your thoughts and emotions. This is a much more comprehensive approach to anger. We consider the whole person rather than just what is provoking your anger. You will learn life skills, resilience, communication skills.

Hope for a Better Quality Life

Eric Dabrowski, LCSW has successfully helped people over his 38 year career deal with all kinds of anger in the most difficult situations.

Eric can help you ...

  • Learn how to calm your body and mind when you are angry
  • Create a pre-alert system so that you recognize your anger before it gets out of control
  • Find your unique strengths that will help you overcome anger and many other problems in your life
  • Understand what triggers your anger and how to get your needs met before you get angry
  • Gain confidence in your ability to control your emotions

Call Our Anger Management Specialist, Eric Today

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