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The counselors we have hired have often left their old job to join ours. Why? At their old organizations they were forced to limit the quality of their treatment to their patients in order to abide by the limitations of their health care plan. Insurance companies tend to limit the number of sessions and prescribe one type of treatment. Why do they do that? Because it saves them money. You may not end up getting the quality services you need. The most prescribed treatment when going through your insurance is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This form of treatment can be effective for certain types of problems. But it is not good for everyone. Why do insurance companies like this approach. Because it gets you in and out as quick as possible. Some problems are far too serious for this type of mentality.

At New Paths Family Counseling, you are in treatment as long as you need it. You and your therapist can decide when and how long you stay for treatment. Ultimately, you have the final say. You are in control of your treatment and not the insurance companies. Furthermore, if you have PPO insurance, you can most likely get covered even if you come to see one of our counselors. As long as you meet your deductible, almost all mental health problems are covered.

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