Child Therapy Specialist

Hi I'm Lillian. Welcome to my Children's Specialty page!

I have equipped New Paths with a whole new set of tools which include the most effective approaches for working with young children and teenagers.

If you don't have the proper tools, then dealing with teens is a nightmare: for both parents and therapists. That's why many therapists will refuse to see teenagers. I enjoy working with teenagers and yes, there are effective ways to work with your teen.

For young children (ages 4 thru 12) sometimes an entirely different approach is needed. See "Child Counseling (Ages 4-12) below.

Kid's need support and the proper guidance to fully reach their potential, So please explore some of the menu options below to get the precise help that you need!


frequently asked questions

I conduct a thorough assessment on the first session. After the assessment, I will make a recommendation on whether I think Family Therapy or Individual Child Therapy will be most beneficial. With problems like eating disorders, I often recommend a combination of family sessions and individual sessions.
Usually, I have the parent come into the first session with their child. This is almost always the case if you have young children. On the other hand, if you have a teenager, often times they will feel more comfortable meeting individually by themselves without the parent. It is sometimes hard for teens to open up honestly around their parents. I can offer general progress on how the sessions are going, but in most cases, the details are best left to be confidential. The exception to that rule is if I suspect your child will be a harm to themselves or others, then I am required to break confidentiality and report things like that the safety of the children.
Yes. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. You can feel free to ask me any questions or talk about any concerns you might have. If you feel like this is a good match, you can make an appointment. If you do not feel comfortable, there is no obligation whatsoever.