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28 Dec

Relationship Insights: What is the Greatest Predictor of Long-Term Success in Marriage?

When you think of a successful, long-term marriage, what comes to mind?

  • Is it the image of an elderly couple, sitting on the front porch holding hands?
  • How did they get there? What was their secret to success?

It turns out that it’s no big secret what the greatest predictor of a successful marriage is. Let’s explore.

Relationship Rescue: A 6-Step Strategy That Can Save Your Marriage

Are you worried that your marriage is on the edge of failure.

Take heart! It is possible to step back from the brink of a relationship disaster by following these six steps.

15 Feb

The 7 Most Common Arguments All Married Couples Have

Every couple has a disagreement or argument from time-to-time.

Yet, there are certain topics that can spell a lot more trouble for relationships.

By knowing to watch out for these arguments, you can better ensure that you dodge these relationship bullets.

Consider seven of the most common ones: